Girl’s clothes can be difficult to organize.  You’ve got tights and bows and multiple pairs of shoes.  Keeping my daughter’s drawers organized and her clothes easily accessible is proving to be a full-time job.

The thing that perplexes me the most? Those little undies that go under every dress or skirt. I constantly find myself digging through every drawer and basket to find a bloomer that matches her dress.  Then this little idea struck me – use mini clothespins (available at any craft or notions store) to attach the dress to its matching bloomer.  I simply keep a jar of the clothespins in the laundry room and match up the sets as I fold laundry.  Viola! Problem solved.

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  • realhousewifeofsd

    Great idea Im new to the little girl thing so I will keep it in mind as she gets older (she already has a huge wardrobe lol) its genius thanks ;)

  • Kim

    That’s a great idea. I also just put the leg hole of the bloomer over the head of the hanger that’s hanging the dress so that it hangs them up together.