I love KiwiCrate.com, a service that provides mail-order crafts and projects for kids.  This awesome service sends you one crate a month, which includes a couple of crafts or projects with a particular theme.  Available themes include dinosaurs, colors and gardening.  I think it would be especially great for busy moms and dads who don’t necessarily have the time to plan out projects or shop for supplies.  Such a fun idea and an awesome gift idea!

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  • OK…this is AHHHHHmazing. I would have loved to have gotten one of theses when I was a kid. Now i just have to wait for Henry to grow up a bit!

  • Christy

    Love this idea!! I would sign up in a second, but they look a bit young. Anyone know of anything similar for older (8-11 year old) kids?

  • I have three kids (3, 5, & 7). They all LOVE the kiwi crates! I think they missed the age cutoff a bit when they said 6 years old.

  • kia

    this is so neat! my girls would love this.